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Saxophone jazz player
Saxophone jazz player
Saxophone player
Saxophone jazz player
Rock and roll guitarist performs in club in Tokyo Japan
Saxophone jazz player
Actor on onstage in Folk Kagura (Shinto theatrical dance) at Takadanobaba obon festival in Tokyo, Japan
Children shoot corks from toy rifles at Takadanobaba obon festival in Tokyo, Japan
Dancer at Awa Dance Festival (Awa Odori), Kagurazaka, Tokyo, Japan
Young girl as dragon dancer at Chinese New Year parade in Los Angeles
Women carry mikoshi (portable shrine) at Awa Odori Festival in Kagurazaka, Tokyo, Japan
Young boy in lion costume with mother at Chinese New Year parade, Los Angeles, California
Japanese taiko dancer
Woman prays at small shrine in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
Mexican folk dancer doing the Oaxacan pina dance
Japanese folk dancer at Nisei Week in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, California
Mexican folkloric dancers at Cinco de Mayo, Los Angeles, California
Young girl Japanese folk dancer